crystal clouds | styrofoam, dispersion paint, steel springs, ball bearings, aluminium I Katzenstein, Habichtswald | 2018

dawn | polyester, plastic, wood, aluminium pole, steel cable | 2014 

solar wind | wood, laquer, fan, solar panel, steel cable, wires | 2012

A solar panel produces electricity that activates a fan. The fan blows air out of the holes in the yellow coloured hollow body hanigng down from a tree. The intensity of the airflow depends on the power of solar irradiation.

turbulence | parachute silk, fiberglass, pressure springs, aluminium poles | 2010 

Windpark Sachsenhausen (Waldeck-Frankenberg)

Im Stillen des Wassers | slide projection | 2002 

Ludgeruskirche Albachten | together with Miri Plaschke 

During the fasting period a blank cloth is hanging in the chancel of a church. It serves as a screen for two series of slides. One of the series shows water surfaces, the other shows branches. The speed of the series is different. The resulting picture is ever-changing.

in the open | textile, wood, steel cable, flagpoles | 1997 | Scheibenstraße | Münster

the flame | paper, slide projector | 1997 | Pavillon Galerie Annelie Brusten | Wuppertal


Marcel Kopp 2012-2021


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